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About Cresco

Our neighbors to the west are generating new opportunities and initiatives from alternative energy endeavors to local Nobel Peace Prize Winner Norman Borlaug the communities are shaping the world in an entirely new ways. Enjoy all this county has to offer. Cresco has a lot to offer for people from all walks of life. From relaxing in one of Cresco's numerous parks, to watching a theatrical production in the historic opera house, to taking a dive in the pool at the Cresco Fitness Center. Cresco's small town atmosphere provides a relaxing environment for residents and visitors while the many different stores, parks, events and other attractions give those who want to be active plenty to do. Explore what Cresco has to offer!
Find a place to stay during your next visit to Cresco. Stay one of Cresco's motels, have breakfast in bed or enjoy all of the amenities of a house in one of Cresco's many 'guest houses'.
Praised as the most progressive county fair in Iowa, the Mighty Howard County Fair treats residents and visitors to five days of fun and excitement during the last week of June year after year.
Cresco is rich in heritage. The many different historical landmarks in and around Cresco provide an interesting opportunity for everyone to get a taste of the local heritage and see some rare historical finds.

Real Estate Listings in Cresco, IA

Cresco, IA
331 2nd St. East, Cresco, IA
House Size:2,616 ft²
Lot Size:10,000 ft²
Cresco, IA
610 2nd St. SE, Cresco, IA
House Size:1,603 ft²
Lot Size:10,950 ft²
Cresco, IA
14129 Willow, Cresco, IA
House Size:1,336 ft²
Lot Size:130,680 ft²
Cresco, IA
218 E 5th, Cresco, IA
House Size:1,600 ft²
Lot Size:7,500 ft²
Cresco, IA
109 S Park Place, Cresco, IA
Lot Size:1,200 ft²