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About Guttenberg

Tucked between the Mississippi River and the Limestone Bluffs that edged the frontier, the area now known as Guttenberg, is an Iowa Great Place. No matter which way visitors enter, they are welcomed by dramatic overlooks of the historic town and the plethora of natural resource treasures that surround it.  This historic German community is nestled in the heart of the Upper Mississippi River National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, next to stately US Army Corp of Engineer Lock and Dam Number 10 and numerous local, state and private natural resource areas, Guttenberg is a shining example of an Iowa community that embraces its past, welcomes its future and recognizes its potential.
Guttenberg's mission is"To recreate the Mississippi River town of Guttenberg as a place for tourists, businesses, workers, and residents to invest their time and money as they enjoy the beauty and splendor of a cluster of spectacular natural sites."
At the City of Guttenberg we always strive to provide up-to-date information on city services that enhance your quality of life.  Check back often for updates on park and recreation activities, latest action of the City Council, city news, and other areas of interest.

Real Estate Listings in Guttenberg, IA

Guttenberg, IA
Lot 7 Blue Heron Drive, Guttenberg, IA
Lot Size:172,062 ft²
Guttenberg, IA
113 Abel Drive, Guttenberg, IA
House Size:1,872 ft²
Lot Size:7,885 ft²
Guttenberg, IA
523 S 1st Street, Guttenberg, IA
Lot Size:5,000 ft²
Guttenberg, IA
36835 Noble, Guttenberg, IA
Lot Size:31,363 ft²
Guttenberg, IA
310 Pearl, Guttenberg, IA
Lot Size:15,000 ft²
Guttenberg, IA
1223 S Fifth, Guttenberg, IA
Lot Size:5,000 ft²